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McKinney Police Officers will do a free home safety inspection of your house. It only takes about 20 minutes and you can qualify for a discount on your homeowners insurance. For specific qualifications or to set up a time for your inspection please call Officer Randy Haak at 972-547-7682.


If you are planning on being out of town during the summer and would like to have extra eyes watching your home the City of McKinney Police Department offers a vacation watch service. Call the non-emergency number, 972-547-7600. They will ask you many questions regarding your home and its surroundings. During that time you are gone, the officer on patrol will keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Also, remember to let your neighbors know that you will be out of town. They are your best eyes and ears.


Anyone who goes door to door has to have a permit. If someone comes to your door soliciting a business or charity they must have an identification card. Ask to see the card, if they do not have one, close your door and call 911.


Operation Identification is a citizen's burglary prevention program for homeowners. The Operation ID program involves the marking of property with a valid drivers license number as a means of discouraging burglary and theft. First, mark your valuables with your driver's license number so that your property can easily be traced and identified as yours. Second, display a sticker which tells would be burglars that your property has been marked.

What makes Operation ID so effective?

Marked property is difficult to dispose of or resell. It can be traced to the rightful owner with relative ease. If the burglar is caught with marked property, it is solid evidence of possession of stolen goods. Burglary is the most frequently committed crime in the United States. By participating in Operation ID you are taking one important step to protect your possessions from burglary and theft.

Where can I get an engraver?

Pine Ridge Estates Homeowners Association has purchased two engravers for those who are current on homeowners dues. You can contact the Crime Watch Coordinators to have an engraver loaned to you. At the time you pick up the engraver you will receive an inventory form that you can list your valuables and keep a copy of the list in a safe place. If you should become a burglary victim, you will be able to quickly describe the stolen property form the list. This will be of great help to the police in their attempts to recover the stolen possessions.

Crime Watch Coordinator

    ■ David Boatman - (469) 396-0150

If you are using a loaned engraver please be considerate, complete your marking and return the engraver promptly. Remember, there may be other households waiting to use the engraver. DO NOT let children operate the engraver.

Once property has been marked, inventory list made and engraver returned. The homeowner will receive two Operation Identification stickers. These stickers are to be placed on doors and windows that can be used for entry.

Which items should be engraved?

You should mark and record anything of value that burglar(s) could conveniently carry away. Use the following list as a guide line:

    ■ Bicycles
    ■ Binoculars
    ■ Cameras
    ■ Computers
    ■ Video Game Equipment
    ■ Electronics
    ■ Appliances
    ■ Power Tools
    ■ Stereo Systems
    ■ Televisions
    ■ CD/DVD Players
    ■ Hand Tools
    ■ Recreation Equipment
    ■ Camcorders
    ■ Business Machines
    ■ Telephones
    ■ Radios
    ■ Car Phones
    ■ Fishing rods, reels
    ■ Golf Clubs
    ■ Guns
    ■ Law Mowers
    ■ Musical instruments
    ■ Vacuum cleaners
    ■ Wheel Covers

Include on your list a full description of the item including colors, make, model, year of manufacturer and any other identifiers.

What about items that can't be engraved?

For those items that cannot or should not be marked, photograph them. When photographing an item, place a ruler in the frame for scaling purposes. Store your inventory list and the photos in a safety deposit box or fireproof safe.



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